Hand Taiyang Qi Gong Exercise

This exercise is part of Ma Wang Dui Qi Gong. It is based on the Ma Wang Dui texts. The oldest surviving example of these texts dates back to 300 BC. However, the original book was most likely written quite a bit earlier. It’s important to note that many interpretations of the Ma Wang Dui forms have developed over the years. This is one interpretation that I particular like as it often focuses on specific acupuncture points.

This Qi Gong exercise is designed to activate and strengthen the Small Intestine Acupuncture Channel. This channel covers the ulnar aspect of the forearm, up to the shoulder and shoulder blade, up the lateral side of the neck, and ends lateral to the outer canthus of the eye. This exercise should be used predominantly to treat pain and stiffness anywhere along this pathway. For small intestine organ problems, this exercise will not have a noticeable impact.


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