Acupuncture developed 3,000 years ago in ancient China. An acupuncturist uses the pulse to assess a patient’s state of health. Using needles, an acupuncturist activates pressure points. These special spots all over the body can regulate  circulation in order to promote healing.

Acupuncture points are connected to each other along pathways which start in the torso and head and then extend out to the arms and legs. These pathways are called acupuncture channels. Acupuncture channels represent the symbiotic relationship of the nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. Acupuncture channels are bands of influence where these three systems interact. By gently stimulating acupuncture points along an acupuncture pathway, we can create an effect throughout the body. This is how an acupuncture point on the foot can help with a headache.

in Chinese Medicine, there are three substances that circulate throughout the body: blood, body fluids and “Qi.” Qi is bio-electrical energy. Below is the written character for Qi:

The character for Qi is a composite of the rice character and the air character. The food we eat and the air we breathe are metabolized by the body to create bio-electrical energy.

Blood, body fluids and Qi move through the acupuncture pathways. Like a map, the acupuncture channels help us promote the circulation of these substance to areas that need support. Acupuncturists mainly use points on the arms, legs and back. However, these points can effect other areas of the body including the organs. Therefore, acupuncture can regulate cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive disorders. Here is a comprehensive chart showing all of the acupuncture points:

Image result for acupuncture chart

An acupuncture point is similar to a reset button. Stress, improper diet,  and lack of sleep can tax the body. Acupuncture resets the flow of blood and Qi back to normal. Acupuncture is a tool to help the body heal itself by bringing oxygen and nutrients to areas that aren’t functioning correctly.

Through the lens of Western science, modern researchers have studied the affects of acupuncture on human physiology. According to the research, acupuncture helps balance the nervous system. It increases the function of the nerves that promote sleep, proper circulation, digestion and relaxation. At the same time, it calms the “fight or flight” aspect of the nervous system, routinely triggered by the stress of modern life. Balancing the function of the nervous system is integral to a wide variety of conditions. The nervous system is the infrastructure that allows the body to repair injuries and function properly.

Chinese Medicine recognizes the reality that every person is unique. Using my knowledge and experience, I create a unique treatment for each patient, specifically designed to address their physical and emotional well being.