5 Foods to Beat the Summer Heat


Chrysanthemum Tea


This is a popular summertime drink in China. The chrysanthemum flower is commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine and has a pleasant flavor. You can find honey sweetened chrysanthemum tea at most Asian markets. It is also sold as the loose dried flower and you can brew the tea yourself. I enjoy combining chrysanthemum, mint and green tea for a refreshing drink during the summer. Though it may be tempting to have it with ice, drink it warm or at room temperature. Cold liquids slow down digestion and injure the stomach.

Mung Beans


Mung bean’s high protein and fiber content make it a nutritious addition to any diet. According to Chinese Medicine, mung bean can ward off heat stroke and quench thirst. Mung bean is also said to have detoxifying characteristics. You can add it to a soup or as a topping for salad.



Traditional Chinese Medicine classifies foods as having a warm or cool energy. Cucumber is said to be cooling. Cucumber has a high water content and makes a great snack for staying hydrated. The inside portion of the peel is also helpful for sunburns or any skin irritation, including mosquito bites.




Mint is a great herb to mix into a meal during the summer. It can be added to a salad or used as seasoning. Mint is also a commonly used herb in Chinese Medicine. It can treat the common cold, aid digestion, and relieve stress. I personally enjoy making a tea out of fresh mint leaves.




As we all know, watermelon is a summer favorite. Because of its high water content, it is a perfect snack for a hot summer day. Chinese medicine views all melons as having a cooling nature. Watermelon is especially cooling and quenches thirst. The white part of the watermelon is said to be the coldest. Also, watermelon helps regulate high blood pressure.

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