What to Expect

I have developed a gentle technique and I use very thin needles in order to make the needling experience relaxing and comfortable.  I use from 5 to 12 needles. I explain my diagnosis from the Chinese Medicine perspective so that my patients can know more about their health and how to promote their well- being.  It is important to understand the healing process.

I also provide dietary and lifestyle recommendations along with specific Qi Gong exercises. Qi Gong, similar to Tai Chi, is a gentle exercise style which helps balance the emotions and promotes circulation.


Depending on the case, I will also offer a very affordable custom made herbal formula. In China, herbs are always given along with acupuncture and these two treatment modalities work very well together.




Acupuncture is similar to going to the gym. When we feel like we need to get back in shape, we know that it might take more than one workout to reach our goal. However, each workout has an accumulative effect. Similarly, acupuncture is a cumulative medicine; its benefits add up over time. For issues that have been around for over a few months or even for years, it may take 4 to 6 treatments before you see results. However, even though it may not be obvious at first, you are making significant progress each time.